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The RCCM advances public education through the promotion of research into complementary medicine. The RCCM aims to:

- facilitate research into Complementary and Alternative Medicine through advocacy to research funders

- explore the relationship between CAM and conventional medicine e.g. through events involving NICE, the Advertising Standards Authority and the NHS

- disseminate research findings via its allied journal, EUJIM

We offer:

- a free news service, via CAMRN, to over 900 researchers and interested parties

- research conferences, including CAMSTRAND, the annual leading conference in research into CAM

- member benefits, such as access to grants and awards

- specific events for corporate members on key areas such as as the NHS and research strategy development

- support and advice for student members 

Tribute to Professor George Lewith

Tribute to Professor George Lewith

Professor George Lewith was a qualified physician and Professor of Health Research. George was the first doctor in England to receive specialist training in Complementary Medicine. He later set up and founded the Complementary and Integrated Medicine Research Unit at the University of Southampton leading a CAM research group of international excellence.

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