About us

The Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) is a charity founded in 1983, dedicated to developing high quality research in CAM.

The vision of RCCM is to widen the availability of and access to safe and effective complementary therapies for patients within the National Health Service and across the UK, in order to help in preventing disease and improve patients’ health and quality of life.

Our members are researchers, practitioners and non-commercial organisations involved with the complementary medicine sector.

For subscribing members, depending on their level of membership (See Join the RCCM tab), there is an extensive ‘Resources for CAM Research’ section that is available. You can also sign up as an ordinary member for free and join our active CAM Research Network (CAMRN), via the box on the left (CAMRN Login).

As a charity we are always grateful for any donations to support our work. Our Making a Donation page gives further details of the funds we hope to raise.

What does the RCCM do?
We are currently working on our Strategy for 2020 and beyond.  We will share this important information in due course.  The Publications section gives an insight into what has been achieved in the past. To access these publications, please join the RCCM as a Friend.

Who are we?
The Charity is managed by a Board of Trustees who give the RCCM their expertise and enthusiasm in areas such as CAM research, education, finance and administration.  The RCCM is maintained by a minimal number of staff, whose main role is administering the CAMRN research network and coordinating the CAMSTRAND conference.

The RCCM is affiliated to the European Journal of Integrative Medicine. The journal encourages submissions relating to the various aspects of integrative medicine and is truly international in its approach. Complementary medicine professionalism and commitment to research are key for integration. We would welcome your submissions to the journal (please see the EUIM website for further information – www.elsevier.com/euji).

Professor Robinson who is the RCCM chair, is the Editor in Chief of the Journal.