Request for collaborators on Biofield research

In this month’s blog, pharmacist and RCCM member Seema Bhattessa discusses her research interest in the electromagnetic and energetic field around the human body.

My background is Pharmacy, Energy Medicine and Holistic Health. My research interest is on how prescribed medication influences the human Biofield (Meridian, Chakra and Auric fields) where a collaborative effort would be necessary to make any headway in this research.

Why I think this research is necessary:

There is evidence that the human Biofield exists and instruments available to measure them. The body has a physical, biochemical system and an energetic system. Drug development and clinical trials did not include participants’ energetic profile or considered effects on the human Biofield system. There is anecdotal evidence that prescribed drugs influence the Biofield and my own experience working with clients who were taking prescribed medication. Traditional and holistic forms of health and self-care are centred around the concept of the Bio-energetic system. They have continued to gain more popularity in the Pre-Covid years, mostly supporting existing conventional healthcare and treatment. During the pandemic and Post-Covid era, this trend is expected to boom as it addresses multiple issues-particularly mental and emotional health. However, conventional drugs are here to stay, and a “Hybrid”  form of healthcare will always exist with little or no research on how they may interact or influence one another. One of the most important factors in non-compliance of therapeutic agents is adverse drug reactions or side effects. Many require hospitalization, from a single dose or prolonged administration of a drug are often treated with additional medication to
counteract these unwanted effects to “Poly-Pharmacy”. This ongoing cycle creates more health problems for individuals and is an economic burden on the NHS. Energy Medicine may offer non-invasive alternatives to help support the body’s systems and organs when medication is necessary and save money on the NHS. Response to the public interest. For the growing population that participates in holistic and traditional health practices regularly support this research area, and as healthcare professionals, we should respond!

My article “Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Human Energy System (Biofield)” a call to action for collaboration, was published in the Global Journal of Medical Research.

Please contact:

Seema Bhattessa B.Pharm;

+44 (0)7372287974