Barriers to CAM research

Yasamin Veziari, Saravana Kumar and Matthew J. Leach have just published a new paper on the barriers to CAM research for stakeholders. Although the study was conducted in Australia and New Zealand, many of the issues identified are important worldwide.

They highlight some of the barriers that RCCM tries to help overcome, including:
  • CAM practitioners’ access to resources and infrastructure and capability to translate and implement research findings into clinical practice – via the information hub on our website and training events, RCCM aim to equip CAM practitioners with the skills and resources to overcome these barriers.
  • Governance and leadership e.g. CAM professional bodies involvement in research. Through RCCM’s corporate membership scheme we support CAM professional bodies to be able to lead research initiatives in their profession and support CAM practitioners.
  • Barriers to collaboration within CAM industries, and a lack of linkages between the CAM industry and other institutions e.g. universities. RCCM aims to foster collaboration via our membership and events and our new members’ discussion space on Linkedin
  • Lack of multi-disciplinary research collaborations and professional unity- one of RCCM’s key strengths is bringing together a diverse range of CAM interventions, as illustrated by our corporate membership base

RCCM is passionate about addressing many of these issues, including fostering collaboration and providing unity and leadership. Come join us!