CAM Journals

The following are a selection of the journals currently available that publish articles on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


The European Journal of Integrative Medicine (EuJIM) – is an international and interdisciplinary journal for researchers and clinicians. It publishes peer-reviewed articles on evidence based CAM and its interface with conventional medicine. It publishes original research articles, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, qualitative research, clinical studies, observational and epidemiological studies. For further information please visit the website at NOTE – this Elsevier journal has a close affiliation with the RCCM and welcomes submissions relevant to integrated heath and wellbeing. If you are interested in acting as a reviewer for the journal please get in contact with the editor.

Journal of Integrative Medicine Journal of Integrative Medicine (JIM) is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by Shanghai Association of Integrative Medicine and Shanghai Changhai Hospital, China. It is a continuation of the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine (JCIM), which was established in 2003 and published in Chinese language (The phonetic romanization of the Chinese title used by MEDLINE/PubMed is Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao). Since 2013, JIM has been published in English language.

BioMed Central Complementary Medicine and Therapies is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles on interventions and resources that complement or replace conventional therapies, with a specific emphasis on research that explores the biological mechanisms of action, as well as their efficacy, safety, costs, patterns of use and/or implementation.

The Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine is the leading peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research for the evaluation and integration of complementary and integrative medicine into mainstream medical practice. The Journal delivers original research that directly impacts patient care therapies, protocols, and strategies, ultimately improving the quality of healing

Journal of Evidence based Integrative Medicine  is a peer-reviewed open access journal which focuses on hypothesis-driven and evidence-based research in all fields of integrative medicine. Previously the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (JEBCAM).

Integrative Medicine Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal focused on scientific research for integrative medicine including traditional medicine (emphasis on acupuncture and herbal medicine), complementary and alternative medicine, and systems medicine. The journal includes papers on basic research, clinical research, methodology, theory, computational analysis and modelling, topical reviews, medical history, education and policy based on physiology, pathology, diagnosis and the systems approach in the field of integrative medicine.


Acupuncture and Related Therapies is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality research in acupuncture and its related therapies (e.g. neural therapy, laser therapy) as well as in all complementary therapies, including whole medical systems (e.g. TCM, naturopathy, Ayurveda), biological treatment methods (e.g. vitamins, biologics, other direct treatments), other biologically based practices (e.g. in nutrition, dietetics), meditative movement therapies (e.g. Qigong, Yoga, TaiChi), mind body interventions (e.g. Meditation), and body based methods (e.g. osteopathy, manual therapy). They especially welcome papers that contribute to further integrating conventional and complementary therapies into mainstream care.

World Journal of Acupuncture – Moxibustion is an English academic journal sponsored by the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. It is published quarterly worldwide. The focus of the journal includes, but is not confined to, clinical research, summary of clinical experiences, experimental research, clinical reports, needling techniques, moxibustion techniques, acupuncture analgesia and acupuncture anesthesia, reviews, academic discussion, education and academic lectures, researches on historical documents, introduction to typical cases, meridian-collaterals and acupoints, proved acupoint or prescriptions of acupoints, news reports, newly-developed apparatus.

Chinese Medicine (CM) is an international journal dedicated to Chinese medicine and includes studies on patients, experimental animal models and  articles discussing various new issues and developments in Chinese medicine related problems and provides open access articles.

The English edition of Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine appeared in 1981, being the earliest and the most authoritative TCM magazine with the largest circulation in China. It is an international quarterly devoted to clinical and theoretical research in this branch of medicine. The main columns include Experts’ Forum, Clinical Observation, Basic Investigation, Reviews, Lectures, Teaching Round, and Questions and Answers, involving acupuncture, massotherapy and Chinese materia medica. Papers by outstanding clinicians, acupuncturists and researchers provide the latest information on the development of this discipline. JTCM is an indispensable reading for clinical practitioners and others interested in basic medicine research. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (


The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies – provides essential reading for all those involved in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction. Website:


The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy – was launched in 2004 in response to the demands of practitioners working with essential oils in healthcare and related professions. These therapists often use a range of application methods, styles and doses that may differ from the more traditional styles such as aromatherapy massage. Healthcare professionals also require a source of evidence based information in order to successfully integrate clinical aromatherapy within orthodox practice. Website:


The Journal of Science & Healing addresses the scientific principles behind, and applications of, evidence-based healing practices from a wide variety of sources, including conventional, alternative, and cross-cultural medicine. It is an interdisciplinary journal that explores the healing arts, consciousness, spirituality, eco-environmental issues, and basic science as all these fields relate to health. EXPLORE – Journal – Elsevier


The Journal of Herbal Medicine, the official journal of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, is a peer reviewed journal which aims to serve its readers as an authoritative resource on the profession and practice of herbal medicine. The content areas of the journal reflect the interests of Medical Herbalists and other health professionals interested in the clinical and professional application of botanical medicines. The objective is to strengthen the research and educational base of herbal medicine with research papers in the form of case studies, original research articles and reviews, monographs, clinical trials and relevant in vitro studies. It also publishes policy statements, opinion pieces, book reviews, conference proceedings and profession related information such as pharmacovigilance reports providing an information source for not only the Herbal Practitioner but any Health professional with an interest in botanical medicine.

Phytomedicine is published to attract and disseminate innovative and expert findings in the fields of phytopharmacology, phytotherapy and phytotoxicology, as a reference source for researchers in these fields, and with the aim to set international standards in their methodology. The journal publishes research results on phytotherapy (clinical trials), phytopharmacology, pharmacognosy, standardization and phytotoxicology, obtained with plant extracts as well as isolated compounds from these extracts and phytopharmaceuticals. Phytomedicine is targeted towards papers of a practical nature. The papers published in this journal are also useful to drug regulatory authorities in deciding whether to approve certain phytomedicines or not. Phytomedicine consists of the following sections: Case reports, Pharmacological and molecularbiological studies, Screening studies (only when focused on plant extracts or isolated compounds with extraordinary activities, Chemical structure – activity studies, Chemical analysis and standardization of plant drugs and phytopharmaceuticals, Reviews (by invitation).

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology is dedicated to the exchange of information and understandings about people’s use of plants, fungi, animals, microorganisms and minerals and their biological and pharmacological effects based on the principles established through international conventions. Early people confronted with illness and disease, discovered a wealth of useful therapeutic agents in the plant and animal kingdoms. The empirical knowledge of these medicinal substances and their toxic potential was passed on by oral tradition and sometimes recorded in herbals and other texts on materia medica. Many valuable drugs of today (e.g., atropine, ephedrine, tubocurarine, digoxin, reserpine) came into use through the study of indigenous remedies. Chemists continue to use plant-derived drugs (e.g., morphine, taxol, physostigmine, quinidine, emetine) as prototypes in their attempts to develop more effective and less toxic medicinals.  Journal of Ethnopharmacology – Journal – Elsevier


Complementary Therapies in Medicine – is a valuable resource to those seeking information and critical guidance within the field of complementary therapies. The broad scope of this scientific and professional journal makes its content relevant to those with a background in traditional health practices as well as complementary practitioners. Website:

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice – (formerly Complementary Therapies in Nursing & Midwifery) integrates complementary therapies into conventional clinical practices. Areas covered with the broad scope of this journal include: Aromatherap, Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice’s regular features include papers on individual therapies, original research, educational issues, best practice reports and book reviews. Website:

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM) – is an international, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to understand the sources and to encourage rigorous research in this new, yet ancient world of complementary and alternative medicine. Website:


Homeopathy – A valuable resource for those in traditional medicine as well as complementary practitioners, Homeopathy publishes peer-reviewed articles that will appeal to a multi-disciplinary audience. Papers cover clinical and basic research as well as the evidence based practice of homeopathy. Abstracted/Indexed in Index Medicus/MEDLINE Excerpta Medica/EMBASE AMEDS CINAHL NIH CAM (Combined Health Information Database) UK Health Centre Index. Website: Homeopathy | Elsevier Health

International Journal of High Dilution Research (IJHDR) – is the first full free open-access electronic journal specialising in the multidisciplinary field of High Dilution (HD) research. Hosted by GIRI, it is peer-reviewed, with an international editorial board and published quarterly. Indexed at LILACS/BIREME/PAHO/WHO and EBSCO, and inserted at Qualis-CAPES (B3-interdisciplinar), Latindex, OJS/PKP, Google Scholar, DOAJ, NSDL/NSF, Open J-Gate, JournalSeek and Portal CAPES. Website:


Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine– is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on an evidential basis for incorporating complementary or alternative health care practices with conventional medical approaches, to form a model of health care centered on overall wellness. Applied relevance for decision making by clinical practitioners, health care managers and policy makers is a strong emphasis. However, with recognition of the challenges involved in expanding the availability of robust, widely accepted evidence on which to base intervention and policy decisions in this area, underlying research principles and related issues are clearly within the scope of the journal. Please note: Journal has been discontinued. Archive remains at the link below. Website:

The Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies was a bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal featuring high-quality studies related to basic and clinical acupuncture and meridian research. It included new paradigm of integrative research, covering East and West and traditional and modern medicine. The journal also covered areas of integrative biomedical research and health science in general and other modalities.  Transferred to “Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute” as of 2021 Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies | by Elsevier