Past Projects

This section of the website presents an overview of the major research projects that RCCM has been involved with and completed over the last few years. The most recent was the CAMLIS Project to set up a CAM library and information system in London.

An important national project was the setting up of CAM Specialist Collection within NHS Evidence. This also resulted in the generation of a CAM Thesaurus.

The NHS Priorities project resulted in the CAMEOL database of evidence on four major health conditions. The substantial reviews produced by the RCCM’s CAMEOL project in 2009 were on cancer, mental health, multiple sclerosis and stroke were available on the RCCM web site. The CAMEOL Reports as extensive, each condition having a number of sub-sections to it. Further evidence from the CAMEOL project related to arthritis, asthma, depression and low back pain was added to NHS Evidence.

The Principles Project represented a multi-professional discussion to define the principal philosophical foundations of CAM.