The Aims of the RCCM

  1. DISSEMINATION of research findings
    To collect, review and disseminate research-based information about complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) treatments and philosophies, in order to provide the public, government organisations, researchers and practitioners an evidence base (CISCOM) with which they can better understand CAM as well as take a more informed view about CAM interventions.
  2. FACILITATION of appropriate research
    To foster a network of researchers (CAMRN) and promote, undertake, commission and facilitate research into CAM treatments and encourage dialogue about appropriate research methodologies to inform the development of a strategy for future research and service development.
  3. EXPLORATION of the relationship between CAM and Conventional Medicine
    To contribute towards improved understanding and co-operation between professionals in CAM and conventional medicine, by stimulating research-related exploration of the fundamental principles that distinctively underlie CAM and the differences that may exist between CAM and conventional medicine in relation to illness and disease, outcomes and health awareness.
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