RCCM Membership

There are four types of membership of the RCCM.

CAMRN Member

CAMRN membership is free and provides members with access to the CAMRN research network, which provides regular email messages about conferences, events, projects, funding, new research and dissemination of members queries and requests. To join, simply sign up here.

Full Member

Full members receive a 10% discount on RCCM events, access to the RCCM's resources on the subscribers-only sections of the RCCM web site. These include our research map, workshop materials, the RCCM's CAMEOL database, CAM research and funding resources, and RSS feeds. Full members also receive a quarterly newsletter (updating members on recent research, research links and any new resources added to the RCCM website) as well as all the other benefits described above. The subscription to the full membership is £50 pa. Subscribe as a Full Member.

Corporate Member

This is open to non-commercial organisations involved in the complementary medicine sector. The annual subscription is £200 pa. Benefits include those outlined at the top of this page with the addition of a 15% discount on 2 workshop places per year.

Subscribe as a Corporate Member.

The RCCM has worked and continues to work strategically with many key organisations such as The Kings Fund, Department of Health, NHS library for Health-CAM specialist Library, The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, Parliamentary Group for Integrated Health, CAMSTRAND (Heads of CAM in UK Universities) and the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR). It continues to work strategically with many other organisations interested in developing research in CAM, including professional bodies.

RCCM Fellow

The opportunity of becoming an RCCM Fellow will be open to experienced researchers in complementary medicine, and will be awarded to individuals able to support the RCCM in its strategic role:

  • To provide strategic direction and ‘thought’ leadership to promote the development of high quality research and evidence in the UK into complementary and alternative medicine
  • To develop research networks and partnerships in order to raise the profile of CAM research and develop skilled CAM researchers
  • To provide an unbiased voice to advance and disseminate the evidence on the safety and efficacy complementary therapies to practitioners, the NHS, the government and the public.

The benefits of being a Fellow include:

  • Opportunities for networking with others working in CAM research
  • Access to the full range of the RCCM's resources
  • A 15% discount for attendance at RCCM events
  • Recognition of your role as an experienced researcher - a list of Fellows will be available to the public on the RCCM website.

Fellows will be able to use the post-nominal letters, FRCCM

The Fellowship annual fee is £100 a year.

Fellowships are awarded by the RCCM. Applications will be assessed by the RCCM Fellowship panel appointed by the RCCM Trustees. The Terms of Reference for the Panel can be downloaded, as below -



To express interest in becoming a RCCM fellow . An one-off fee (£2) is charged to those researchers who wish to be considered. 

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