Resources for CAM Research

Resources for CAM research

This section aims to provide those involved in research or embarking on research into CAM with specialist information in order to facilitate their research. The information covers possible sources of CAM research funding, links to CAM research networks that exist in addition to our own CAMRN, and some introductory advice about CAM research methods.

Friends of the RCCM receive regular email news about courses, conferences and relevant publications, as well as being able to post enquiries to access expertise and experience within members of the network. Members can also access the interactive CAM Resources Map which enables them to locate CAM research activity in Universities across the UK and Eire. Please note this page may take some time to load. They can also download for free, the RCCM's CAM Thesaurus.

We would like to expand this resource and develop into a central hub where those involved in CAM research can seek useful resources.  To this end we would like to invite suggestions as to what resources you would like to see added to these pages, and we would like to invite contributions. If you have any ideas and contributions please contact the CAMRN Administrator, Mary O'Meara, at

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