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In meeting its main aims of dissemination of research findings, facilitation of appropriate research and exploration of the relationship between CAM and conventional medicine, the RCCM works with a range of Professional bodies representing CAM practitioners in the UK.  Details of the professional bodies representing CAM practitioners in the UK can be found through the links provided in the section on regulation below, as well as via the Profession Bodies link.

Regulation of CAM Practitioners in the UK
Currently, the only two CAM professions subject to statutory regulation are osteopathy and chiropractic with the bodies established by parliament to regulate and develop the professions being the Osteopath General Osteopathic Council (GOsC; and the Chiropractic Council (GCC;

In February 2011, the Secretary of State for Heath, Andrew Lansley announced in a written statement to the UK Parliament that all UK practitioners prescribing herbal medicines are to be statutorily regulated via the Health Professions Council.  Currently these practitioners are regulated on a voluntary basis by their professional bodies representing Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and other traditions.  Subject to Parliamentary procedures the intention is to have the legislation for statutory legislation in place in 2012. 

The government will continue to encourage other complementary and alternative medicine professions to work towards voluntary self-regulation.  The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC maintains a voluntary register for practitioners in many complementary therapies and a list of these professions can be found at their web site. 

Please note that the regulatory position of individual CAM professions will change and we recommend that you check the Department of Health web site and those of the CNHC and individual professional bodies for full and up-to-date details.

For professional training programmes accredited by the appropriate Accreditation Board and that lead to the successful students being able to apply for registration with a UK CAM professional body, please see our page on courses. It should not be assumed that if a course is listed that it has been accredited. Therefore, enquirers would be advised to contact the provider concerned.

Regulation of CAM Practitioners in Europe
Regulation of CAM practice in Europe varies from country to country, though is restricted to practitioners who are medically qualified. In Italy, on 7th February 2013, the State and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces Conference approved the national rules for the education in Complementary Medicine. The agreement sets out the rules for the education of practitioners in the areas named. At present training is limited to medical doctors and dentists though is expected to be extended to pharmacists and veterinarians. It is hope it will set a precedent for defining similar rules in other member states. See European Committee for Homeopathy for full article.

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